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Open Air Kindergarten

Open Air Kindergarten

Nothing short of exceptional programming, because our children deserve the best of childhood! We are a passionate group of educators who work together to offer exceptional learning experiences. Our Open Air concept is grounded in research and wholeheartedly supported by children and their families.

Program Foundations

  • Full coverage of Alberta Education Curriculum
  • Additional Outside Time (goal of 2 hr/day weather permitting - full time access to indoor classroom)
  • Learning through Play
  • Active, Hands-on learning
  • Collaboration and Creativity
  • Following student Interests (Reggio Emilia Inspired)
  • Health and Safety (distancing and fresh air)

Benefits of the Program

  • Improved learning and attention at school
  • Improved wellness: mental and emotional health
  • Social health and teamwork
  • Physical health and movement skills
  • Resilience and risk management skills

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We live in Alberta! What about Winter?
    • We have full time access to beautifully appointed indoor kindergarten classrooms when the weather isn’t cooperating. We strive towards 2 hours of additional outside time, but that changes based on the conditions of the day (could be much more or less).
  • My child doesn’t “Love” being outside, is this a good fit?
    • YES! Our certified teachers strategically design learning activities for the children in the class. This is a great way to increase your child’s comfort and enjoyment of the outdoors. Also, it’s often nice for families to know their child had plenty of active outside time during the school day.
  • Where will kids go when they are outside?
    • Our students have access to our outdoor classrooms on-site which include: forest, field, garden, gazebos, playgrounds and a pond in walking distance.


Programs 1. Full Days, Alternating Days 2. Full Days, Every Day
Class times 8:20am - 3:00pm 8:20am - 3:00pm

Monday/Wednesday & Some Fridays


Tuesday/Thursday & Some Fridays

5 Days a Week - excluding PD days
(approximately 2/month)
Cost No cost at this time.
Cost set by Sturgeon Public School Division.
$100 deposit due by June 1st, 2022
(applied towards September fees)
Limited Spots


Kindergarten students may be small in stature, but they’re packed with passion and potential to be anything they want in the world. Sturgeon Public Schools works hand-in-hand with parents to bring out the individual strengths of each little learner and set them on the path to a promising future.

Our Kindergarten program helps them prepare for the transition from home to school and entry into Grade 1. Children arrive from a wide range of backgrounds and various experiences. Through hands-on and interactive learning experiences, students begin to develop the skills necessary for educational success.

They also gain exposure to the greater school environment by participating in assemblies, concerts and special events, as well as on the playground.

Kindergarten students who require support have access to Speech and Language as well as Occupational Therapy services.