Joining a school council is one way members of the school community can get involved. Our council plays an important role in our school by providing advice and assistance to school principals and Trustees regarding educational issues. Involvement on these councils includes:

  • Focusing on educational matters
  • Providing input on topics such as program planning, school budgets, and school operations
  • Serving as a liaison between parents, the school and community groups
  • Locating resources such as speakers and volunteers
  • Gathering information and sharing experiences
  • Supporting the goals and objectives of the school 

Please contact the school directly to learn more about how you can join our school council.

Parents are encouraged to volunteer to help the school, both in the classroom and elsewhere. Volunteers can make any different contributions to the educational process in school by assisting teachers with preparations for or supervision of student lessons or activities. 

We are required by Worker’s Compensation to keep a log of all volunteer hours. Parents are asked to sign the log in the office before heading to the classroom in which they will be helping. Parents and community members have many areas of knowledge and skills, which can be shared with students. 

If you are interested in helping in the school, please phone the office at 780-459-3990.


The Parent Fundraising Association (PFA) is a non-profit association that is responsible for much of the school’s fundraising. Its main objectives are:

  • To work with School Council, parents, students, Sturgeon Heights school staff, community and School Division to raise funds to help supply and maintain educational and enrichment materials, as well as recreational equipment for the school and community.
  • To organize and staff a hot lunch program and maintain a small store for Sturgeon Heights School.
  • To take all actions, enter into contract, apply for funding and incur those expenses as are necessary to promote the objects of the SHPFA.

The funds that enable the PFA to meet its objectives are received through various avenues such as:

  • Offering ongoing and intermittent fundraisers, such as poinsettia sales and Spring basket sales, etc.
  • Operating a small store which is open daily through the lunch eating period;
  • Providing regular hot lunches to students and staff, such as hot dogs on Fridays, and throughout the year various other hot lunches from St. Albert restaurants;
  • Applying for government grants that may be available from time to time.

The success of any organization depends largely on its volunteer base and we encourage and welcome parents to attend our monthly meetings held on the same night of, and just prior to school council meetings - or you may wish to volunteer for helping in the snack shop or at one of our events throughout the year. 

For more information, contact the school or visit the PFA website.

Parent Fundraising Association Handbook - Revised 2018