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Provincial Achievement Tests in Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science are written in May and June by Grades 6 and 9 students. Grade 3s write Language Arts and Math. 

Achievement tests are factored into a student’s final mark. Every attempt should be made by parents, staff and students to ensure the successful writing of exams. Testing dates are shown in the school year calendar. Please do not schedule appointments on testing dates.

Dates and Times for Provincial Achievement Tests at Sturgeon Public Schools:

June 12: Grade 6 Math Part A;  June 13: Grade 6 ELA Part B; June 14: Grade 6 Math Part B; June 17th: Grade 6 Science; June 18th: Grade 6 Math Part A; June 19th: ELA Part B.

June 18th: Grade 9 Math; June 19th: ELA Part B; June 20: Math Part B; June 24: Grade 9 Science; June 25: Grade 9 Social Studies.


For more information about the Alberta Provincial Achievement Testing Program, select a grade below:

  • Grade 3
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  • Grade 9