Flight School - Sports for Life Academy

Flight School (Sport for Life Academy)

Program Overview

Through exposure to broad sport and fitness opportunities, and excellent athletic training, our students receive optimal programing focusing on fitness, sport, recreation and health. We promote teamwork and effective communication in all activities; our students foster and hone lifelong leadership skills.

A philosophy of exposure to high-quality, unique, and traditional sport and fitness experiences is the foundation of our program. Students participate in a variety of on and off-site activities, in-doors and outdoors, at an introductory level. Our program is designed for students of all athletic abilities who seek active and novel learning experiences during the school day.

Our program is inspired by the Canadian Sport for Life (CS4L) model (a movement to improve the quality of sport and physical activity in Canada) and based on Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) (a developmental pathway whereby athletes follow optimal training, competition, and recovery regimens).

The program will be based on the following curriculum


  • Physical Education
  • Health
  • Career and Technology Foundations


Personal Skills

  • Personal Development
  • Effective collaboration (teamwork)
  • Effective communication
  • Sports Leadership

Health Education

  • Health and Nutrition
  • Sports Psychology
  • Sports Injury Prevention/ Care
  • Wellness & balance

Sport, Fitness and Recreation Education

  • Training Principles
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Sports Careers

Fees, Instructors & Enrollment

Fees are $1250.00 per student per year (a $250.00 registration deposit and the option to pay in monthly installments of $100.00). This covers the cost of transportation, entrance fees and instructor fees.

All classes will be supervised by certified teachers.  For specialty sports, certified or specialized instructors will be employed to ensure safety and accuracy of instruction.

Potential Activities include:

Lacrosse · Golf · Yoga · Biking · Beach Volleyball · CrossFit · Flag Football · Frisbee Golf · Scuba Diving/ Snorkeling ·Rock/Ice Climbing · Ringette · Darts · Broomball · Swimming · Skating · Hockey · Zumba · Gymnastics · Curling ·Fencing · Martial Arts · Soccer · Bowling · Spin Class · Ball Hockey · Snow Tubing · Handball · Baseball · Arial Park ·Paddle Boarding · Hiking · School Sports · Canoeing/Kayaking/ Dragon Boating · Racquet Sports · School Sports · Pool · and others


Flight School (Sport for Life Academy) will be available to students in Grade 7, 8, & 9 for the 2022/2023 school year.