Dare to Reimagine Learning


Leadership can be difficult to define or explain, but it is often easy to recognize. It is both a set of skills and a way of living that can inspire action or confidence in others. This course will be an opportunity for students to explore their own leadership skills and understanding and to practice leadership in and around our school. There will be many practical opportunities to organize and help out with community service events and school spirit events too.

Goals for the Leadership Program

  • Students will develop their understanding of leadership locally and on the world stage.
  • Students will learn and explore the seven dimensions of Steven Covey’s “Leader in Me” Program: Be Proactive, Begin with the End in Mind, Put First Things First, Think Win-Win, Seek First to Understand then to be Understood, Synergize, Sharpen the Saw (Body, Brain, Heart, Soul).
  • Students will practice leadership and group skills in organizing and promoting spirit events and charity opportunities.

Expectations of Behaviour

Our class will involve many activities beyond assignments and classwork. We will have opportunity to be in other classrooms, especially younger classrooms, to model behaviour or show our character. We may also be in the community working with public groups in various capacities. In every situation, both in the classroom and beyond, students are expected to treat everyone with respect and show conduct that promotes learning; personal and in others.

Assessment Guidelines

There will be a number of assignments and opportunities that will come up during this trimester that will allow students to demonstrate their learning and growth in leadership. In addition to direct feedback from the teacher, students may receive a grade for the activities they organize or are involved in. The grade scale (E) Exceeds expectations, (A) Meets expectations, (N) Below expectations or needs improvement.

Between now and the end of our course, students will be expected to have an active role in organizing and promoting one local spirit day, one local charity and one school initiative for improvement.


Our journey will begin on Wednesday, November 20th and continues until Wednesday, March 12th.

More information

Visit our Leadership program website.